Workshop TitleInstructorDescriptionWorkshop Agendas
Advanced Topics in iPad IntegrationShawn McCuskerThis non-beginner workshop will tackle advanced topics in classroom iPad integration such as App Fluency and App Smashing. A key focus will be the creation of multi-app combination scenarios to create new multimedia content, and publishing content to the web. Participants will be given hands-on time to explore, practice and refine their skills throughout the workshop.Shawn's Workshop Agenda
Google Apps Integration & Advanced Workflow Scenarios for Middle School and High SchoolGreg Kulowiec In this hands-on workshop, we will explore effective strategies for leveraging Google Apps for Education in both Google Chromebook & non-Google Chromebook environments. From exploring Google Drive collaborative and cross-platform learning projects to incorporating scripts such as Doctopus and Flubaroo to auto-distribute documents and auto-grade quizzes, we will explore exciting ways to use Google Apps and related tools to help inspire student creativity and collaboration and teacher effective. Greg's Workshop Agenda
Using Google Apps to Redefine the Elementary ClassroomSamantha MorraGoogle Apps for Education is a great addition to the elementary classroom! Google Apps not only facilitates creative and collaborative learning opportunities for your students, it also provides great tools for publishing student work and sharing information with parents. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore best practices for using GAFE in K-6 classrooms and learn how Google tools can help redefine learning in innovative ways. Come learn how to use Google Apps to collaborate, create, curate, differentiate and motivate. If you are an elementary teacher or school leader you won’t want to miss this session! Sam's Workshop Agenda
Day of CodeDouglas KiangCoding and algorithmic thinking are being promoted as “the new 21st century literacy”. Find out how you can get your students solving real-world problems using code and computer science skills. Explore aspects of game design, algorithms, and art in this gentle introduction to programming and writing code. Doug's Workshop Agenda
Creativity & Curation with iPads in the Middle School and High School ClassroomPatrick LarkiniPad and iPad Mini have taken classrooms by storm, emerging as the mobile device of choice. This hands-on workshop focuses on effective iPad integration that leverages the device to support innovative learning. From audio, video, and screencasts to digital notebooks and eBooks, we will focus on what students can DO with an iPad and the potential for creating new learning products. We will also examine best practices for organizing student work into fluid collection and sharing environments. Come learn powerful strategies and apps that put iPads squarely in the service of learning. Patrick's Workshop Agenda
Leading towards Learning Futures: School Leadership and Technology IntegrationJustin Reichand Tom Daccord Technology can play a powerful role in expanding the possibilities of learning environments, but technology alone does not change schools. Leadership plays an essential role in ensuring the new technologies are paired with innovation and improvement in teaching practice.

This workshop is for leaders of learning--principals, superintendents, IT directors, and teacher leaders--to help develop a vision for how technology investments will improve student learning outcomes and a plan for bringing that vision to life. Teams from schools are highly encouraged to attend together.
Justin's and Tom's Workshop Agenda
Creating Learning Centers in the Elementary Classroom (BYOD)Beth HollandWhether you have access to a few computers, a single iPad, a laptop, or a cart, there are endless opporunities to use these devices to support learning centers. In this hands-on session, we will explore how technology can be used to create fluency centers, math centers, writing centers, observation stations, and more. Bring whatever device you might be able to use with students, and come explore new and powerful ways to use these devices in your classroom. Beth's Workshop Agenda